You have the opportunity at to experience love and happiness with their new and exciting online scratch card game Love Birds. Imagine a beautiful Sunday morning walk in the park, the silence, except for the birds twittering in the trees…

The game Love Birds give you the possibility to both enjoy a lovely stroll in the park and bring home an amazing Prime Jackpot prize up to £200,000. All you need to do to win this incredible instant cash prize is to decide on the prize of your card, press PLAY and start matching the loving couples that you will find on benches along your walk, and you are given 3 chances to complete a match!

Love Birds

Love Birds can be played  for free with Slots N Games for as little as 50p a game, so what are you waiting for? Come and experience the feelings of love you to!

Ever since Love Birds was released its been a great joy among the many Prime Scratch Cards fans, and I think we can agree on it being a game that brings a smile upon your face together with a warm feeling of love and romance.

Prime Scratch Cards

Prime Scratch Cards has a Fantasy Scratch section with almost 30 games to enjoy, Love Birds together with games like Crazy Cat, Jungle Joy and Esmeralda are all scratch card games for you to check out and have a go on!!