Idea of ideas

The first step in creating a casino game is to come up with an idea. To increase the likelihood of starting a game concept, market research, analysis and design are required. Based on thorough market research and analysis, you can identify the type, theme and history of the casino game.

An effective way to structure ideas is a thought map. Create a central concept that is the starting point for representing a topic of interest. Then add branches, keywords, images, and comments. This type of visualization helps capture ideas and organize them correctly. Be sure to investigate technological trends in the brainstorming phase that can help improve your future game.

For example, pay attention to the virtual reality technology that has come to casinos in recent years. VR games offer better bonus systems and an improved in-game chat option to help your product become popular with a larger audience. Another trend is cryptocurrency, a payment method that both players and game software companies can benefit from. Players can remain anonymous, complete events faster, and pay a minimum amount. Companies can expand their audience, bypass the license phase, and not pay a fee for multiple conversions.

Game software analytics tools

You can improve your market research with the following tools:

Quest back is a unified market research software. It aims to bridge the gap between product, game software and audience by collecting data, analyzing player attitudes and trends, and monitoring product launch. Quest back helps casino software providers determine demand, collect information from online panels, social media or loyalty programs. You can also take advantage of Quest back during a brainstorming session. But it is also possible to get customer feedback during the production phase.

Loop11 is a usability testing system that allows you to test all websites or individual pages – including your competitors. Based on the test, this service generates heat maps and provides click flow analysis. Basically, the Loop11 test is used for ease of use before the game starts, and then you can run them multiple times when it goes live.

Social Mention is a social media search engine that allows you to track what people say about a social media issue and measure results in real time. It covers networks like Facebook, Friend Feed, YouTube, Twitter, Dig, Google, etc. The results displayed by the system will help you understand if the topic is popular with your gaming audience. Free Lunch collects global economic, economic and statistical data based on industry and location. The platform collects game data from publicly available sources and collects it in one place. For example, it can help determine the development costs of casino games. This tool can be useful in the market analysis phase once you have invented the topic of the game and identified the main competitors.

SurveyMonkey helps you understand consumer and market preferences through thorough surveys. The service makes it possible to create surveys for both primary and secondary market research and offers ready-made models. It helps you gain insight into your product, perform market segmentation, and analyze consumer behavior. Quest back as Survey Monkey is valuable at the idea stage. In addition, it helps to constantly monitor the nature of customer behavior after the launch of the game.

Make a prototype

Once market research has been researched to support the idea, a prototype of online social games is created. The purpose of the online casino game development company is to build a skeleton structure, see what the game looks like on paper and design the primary version.

Todd Rivers, technical artist and product designer at TKI Studio, says in his article about creating a prototype that a working prototype makes it easy to “feel” the game. He claims that with a good prototype, you can quickly change the look of the game and “see if your first injection into mathematics is good.”