Here are some ways that the best online scheduling software for employees can help your casino reduce scheduling time, reduce errors to almost zero, make employees and managers happier because they accumulate better and save the money you are currently leaking from such issues.

Employees can control schedules from anywhere

If the casino’s scheduling system requires your employees to call someone, check their emails, or come to work to see their schedules, you’re wasting time planning inefficiency and creating all kinds of avoidable issues and delays.

Most employee online scheduling programs allow employees to manage their schedules on their phones. They sign in to their account and see the upcoming scheduled days, weeks, or months in advance. Employees love this feature. They don’t have to wait for the schedule to “come out” as before. It only appears on their phone and they can see it anytime, anywhere. It couldn’t be easier.

You can quickly adjust the wrong scheduled shifts

If a particular shift is overscheduled because the expected amount is not visible, you can quickly change the routes of the employees on the casino floor. Maybe you expected a big crowd for a basketball or baseball playoff game, but the series ends with four games, and you expected an audience for Game 5.

Or maybe the turn is alias and a large audience shows up on stage. You can quickly see part-time workers available for extra shifts, so you can avoid calling people who can start working overtime this week. Online employee planning software allows you to do this on the go. Making big design decisions on site only takes a few minutes, which directly affects the end result.

Employees can easily make change exchange requests

As a casino manager, you can create your online planning software to accept all change requests. For casinos, this is important because there may be some employees that you don’t trust to work with certain others or on specific shifts or locations.

And you will also make sure that there are skilled workers in your board game areas during all your big shifts. Typical employees may not realize how important it is when making shift requests. However, scheduling programs, such as Casino Schedule Easy, allow you to quickly determine whether your exchange is causing problems or not. You can map the schedule weeks or months in advance.

Employee scheduling software allows you to plan as far as you want. For example, you might have a big event coming in a few months. Don’t plan every day until then. But you can plan dates that stay around a big event to make sure the best people have enough staff on these high-income days.

Employees can easily make EO requests

When a shift is slow or an employee has come up with something in their personal life, online software planning software allows them there early requests quickly and easily. Most casinos are good places. Sometimes it can take forever to track down the person you need to talk to. And if the design manager isn’t in the office when an employee needs him, the frustration increases. Just like exchanged mailings, employees can make EO requests from the phone anywhere, and you can accept or deny it or ask to discuss it by sending a personal message back.

Easily plan your expected hectic days in advance

Underpaid is a terrible thing for a casino. With online employee planning software, you can be prepared for the big days you know are coming. Whether it’s weekends, some holidays, special seasons or dates with big events in the city, your software helps your table games and other important departments get money ready for prime time.

You can automate the entire design process

The previous eight reasons are more than enough reasons to design a free demo of our casino design software. But the last reason is the best so far.

When you read #8 and started thinking about “making” the perfect schedule, it could have happened to you that if you did all the work yourself, it would still be a challenge to make the schedule. That’s all. It is not yet easy to set a schedule for who will appear where and when.