Scratch2cash Cards

I am absolutely thrilled after playing this fantastic game at scratch2cash yesterday! These online scratch cards are really special and they actually remind me of my childhood and my huge interest in horses as a young girl. Farm Cash is a game full of farm animals and there is one big brown horse with a white star on his forehead that looks almost exactly as my favourite horse at the stable did. Cows, pigs, sheep´s and other fun animals features this game and it has a true farm feeling to it except for the less fabulous odour you usually encounter in most farms full of animals.

When you play on these online scratch cards you will have to choose between three barns and if three or more of the figures inside the farm will match you will win a nice jackpot prize! scratch2cash really knows how to design a great game, the fun features and incredible design of Farm Cash truly proves their skills and knowledge about online scratch cards and all the people who love this kind of online games! Just take a look at the black and white cow with that huge adorable pink nose or the round sheep with its tiny head and legs, all the animals are simply created with a lot of thought and I don´t think anyone can avoid falling for the scratch game cute creatures!

scratch2cash no deposit bonus

scratch2cash is known for their fantastic variety of online scratch cards and Farm Cash is only one out of many other fabulous games available on their website! You have games in sports themes, classic casino themes and even fantasy themes, and they all have their astonishing design in common! If you are new at scratch2cash they will give you a pretty nice welcome gift, a free fiver which means 5£ for free to try some of the amazing games without even making a deposit! scratch2cash is also known for their amazing odds of prime scratch cards, 1 out of 3 scratch cards is a winning card! This totally explains why there are so many lucky winners at scratch2cash and you have the option of becoming one of them! Imagine a jackpot prize worth a whopping £200,000, yes that can actually be yours if you play online scratch cards at scratch2cash. So if you want this fantastic jackpot prize and you also love animals than Farm Cash is a great option for you on your way to grab on to this incredible prize!