I have yet to meet a person that has not heard of, does not know or has not even played a scratch game. The most common scratch game is that of the scratch card. Many consider scratch cards to be a form of gambling.

But how many people know the history of scratch cards or how they became so popular? Read further and you will be one the few people to be indulged in this knowledge.

The Scratch Game is a recent addition to the online world of casino and gaming. John R Koza, a computer scientist, and Daniel W Bower, a promotions specialist, introduced the world in 1974 to the wonders of the scratch card. The scratch game spread like wildfire, it was very quickly introduced into State Lotteries, fund raising events and later became a hot commodity in online casinos.

The Men behind the scratch cards

John Koza was attributed with being the second person on the world to get his B.A. degree in Computer Sciences back in 1964 when the field was still in infant stages. Koza later went on to receive his M.S. and finally his PhD was awarded in 1972.

Daniel Brower had already at an early stage excelled in many of the promotional forms and was an expert in understanding what people want and how to provide it to them in beautifully gift wrapped manner.

The Partnership

Scientific Games Corporation was founded in 1973 by John Koza and Daniel Bower, their first customer was the Lottery Commission of Massachusetts. The first lotteries run through the corporation where done by  the purchaser picking their 6 lucky number and then waiting at least a week to find out if they were the lucky winner of the Scratch’s online games grand prize.

Scratch game realisation

Both Koza and Bower understood that the key to keeping lottery clients entertained and enthralled was to somehow give them the opportunity to have instant gratification, a way of immediate understanding as of to their winnings or losses.

Koza derived an algorithm to truly define the scratch game results as random while Bower devised the marketing to make the Scratch game truly attractive in the public eye at Scratchgames.com.

The Scratch Game changed the face of the massachusettes lottery from a weekly revenue of $1 million to $2.7 million.

Both Koza and Bower became honorary members and were indited into the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame for their contributions.

Since then the scratch card craze spread world wide and by the 1990’s scratch games had found their way into our homes through the internet.

I believe that this was bound to happen and fell right in line with the ideas of both Koza and Bower and their effort for instant lottery gratification.

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